Coronavirus is hurting all of us, but especially small businesses. If you can, please consider supporting these amazing Entrepinay businesses to get them through this hard time, and keep their business afloat!

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Magpie Alchemy

Price Range: $6 – $135
By Entrepinay: Jamie Cardenas

Magpie Alchemy is a Northern California based CBD and handcrafted self-care product shop using what Mama Earth provides us, naturally. We use equal parts science and love and hope you can feel all the care we put into our formulations. We believe natural products and plant medicine should be accessible to everyone.

Did you know soap and water is effective in killing the COVID-19 virus? The actual virus is encased in a fatty layer. Soap and water breaks the outer layer and dismantles it. The magic number is 20 seconds! This is why it’s recommended to wash your hands for a full 20 seconds. Because we want to keep our community informed and well, here are some notes from your local soap and potion makers:

Our approach to soap is natural because we are thinking about the bigger picture to our health and well-being. Most, if not all, commercial soaps contain parabens and phthalates. These are also called endocrine disrupters which can affect your hormones. By switching to even ONE natural product, this increases your body’s natural response to rid itself of these toxins.

Think about how many times you come into contact with these types of products? This is the very essence of why we chose to make natural products. Additionally, we also will restock our natural hand sanitizer. We should have it restocked by early next week. Please keep in mind, hand sanitizer should only be used if you do not have access to soap and water.

If your hands are already dirty or sweaty, this will dilute the efficacy of the alcohol. By now you’re seeing a LOT of DIY recipes for all natural hand sanitizers. Seems like most of them say to use 91-99% isopropyl alcohol. We have always used ETHYL Alcohol In our formulation. This is what is used in medical grade hand sanitizers. You can think of ethyl alcohol like a Trojan horse to microbes, pathogens and germs.

Additionally here’s a video, if you’d like a visual on how CBD can help you during these trying times. Love and light to you all, my fellow Entrepinay sisters.

Beelight | Healing is Giving

By Entrepinay: Bee Deborah Uytiepo
Price Range:
Grounded circles are FREE. Private sessions vary. Sliding scale available as needed.

Mindfulness Coaching. Somatic Mindfulness sessions for the body and mind. Forgiveness coaching. Distance healing. Oracle card readings. Also happy to help you decide what modality would best support you to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, confusion and/or lack of concentration. I’m available via video conference or on the phone with individuals, groups, organizations and or businesses.
Grounded – somatic mindfulness circles for healers and artists.

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Hip Shake Fitness LLC

By Entrepinay: Charlene Dipaola

My business is an online dance studio. We currently have 200+ dance classes you can do at the comfort of your home. We want you to stay healthy at home during these hard times, so please use the coupon code ‘entrepinaypartner45′ at checkout!

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Thriver Lifestyle

By Entrepinay: Marian Bacol-Uba
Price Range: FREE

Every Monday starting March 23, please join me for #MeditationMondayswithMarian at 2pm PST / 5pm PST. Each week I will talk about a theme, teach breathing exercises and lead a guided meditation.

Our first theme is on “Releasing Feelings of Anxiety, Fear and Stress.” I’d love your suggestions on weekly themes!

Every Wednesday, I’m hosting #WomenSupportingWomen virtual networking events at 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST. This online event is focused on COLLABORATION, CONNECTION and COMMUNITY. The format of these events is something that I do in my in-person events and retreats and it’s been super powerful! Women have collaborated, gotten new clients, become friends, etc. Everyone will have an opportunity to “GIVE & RECEIVE”. Each attendee will have a chance to briefly introduce herself, her business/career and share ONE THING they want to GIVE (useful training, professional advice, gift, promotion, etc.) and ONE THING they want to RECEIVE (your chance to ask for help for something you need and be open to receiving it)!

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Manifesting Magic with @NicoleMaxali

By Entrepinay: Nicole Maxali
Price Range: $44

Nicole teaches an 8-week online course for women of color on how they too can manifest an epic life just like hers! Her intention is to open it up to more folks in the community that might need a positive push towards self-empowerment, self-love and self-care right about now.  This course comes at the perfect time for some deep reflection, ways to manifest your biggest goals and tools to help you THRIVE in this tumultuous time. She is currently offering a 50% off deal for new clients.


Stella Nova Psychology, Inc.

By Entrepinay: Maya Borgueta
Price Range: $120-230

Stella Nova is a San Francisco therapy clinic supporting the needs of women and nonbinary professionals. We specialize in working with women of color, 1st and 2nd generation immigrants, women in business and STEM, and LGBTQ+ folks. Currently offering video based therapy services. Free initial consult!


Marissa the Yogi Therapist

By Entrepinay: Marissa Tolero
Price Range: 99 cents/episode

I am a licensed therapist and certified yoga instructor. I have a new video series that brings mental health to the yoga mat called “Yoga for Mental Health.” In each episode, I combine yoga flows with therapeutic activities to explore nuanced mental health experiences, like negative self-talk, racing thoughts, and more.



By Entrepinay: Christine Joy Ferrer (AKA Tine)
Price Range: $5/Category (Two videos for $5)

Movement-based Activities to Do with Your Kids AT HOME, Led by Christine Joy Ferrer (AKA Tine)

Are you interested in fun movement-based activities, how-tos and quick exercises that you can do with your kids (Ages 10 and under) at home? Check out these Virtual MVMNT Videos focused primarily on dance, acrobatics and movement exploration for ages 10 and under (but really, it’s a family affair). FYI these are NOT classes or workshops. Choose one category and gain access to two videos for a $5 donation! Visit


  • Dance Warm-Ups
  • Acro 101
  • Family Acrobatics
  • Kids Strength & Conditioning


By Entrepinay: Meryl-Mae
Price Range: $5 – $280

Arbonne is a global health & wellness company with natural, vegan, botanically based nutrition products, skincare, & cosmetics. Your orders are sent straight to your home, which is perfect during this quarantine craze.

For the month of March enjoy 40% off your order when it reaches $400 SRP!



List of Restaurants Doing Delivery in the Bay Area

Shout out to Balay Kreative / Kultivate Labs for compiling this list of restaurants in the Bay Area that are doing delivery!

  • OX & TIGER
  • and more!
See full list

Meat on the Street (Milwaukee)

By Entrepinay: Alexa Alfaro
Price Range: $6 – 25

Meat on the Street a Filipino food truck and food stall in Milwaukee, WI. Sibling co-founders, Alexa and Matt rolled our Wisconsin’s first Filipino food truck in 2014. They have been on the Food Network, spoken at Google, and featured in local and and national publications. “Food is love and we love creating those moments for you with your loved ones.”

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Camelia Bakes

By Entrepinay: Camelia Camara
Price Range: $20-$144

French macarons, custom cakes, and other delicious treats baked to order.


Tracy Cruz Honey

By Entrepinay: Tracy Cruz
Price Range: $5-$13

Tracy Cruz Honey is 100% all natural, raw, unprocessed honey. Comes in 4 different flavors: alfalfa, blackberry, black sage, and wildflower. 10 ounce and 2 ounce jars are available! Raw honey has many health benefits (boosts immune system, aids in weight loss, improves digestion, reduces risks of illnesses/diseases, combats seasonal allergies, helps us relax before bedtime, etc.)

Discounted 4 packs available. FREE doorstep delivery for Bay Area residents (within a 40 mile radius, $20 minimum purchase).


The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook

By Entrepinay: Jeannie Celestial
Price Range: $25 + free shipping

I’m selling The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook copies, signed by my co-author Art Swenson and me.



Franceska Gamez

By Entrepinay: Franceska Gamez
Price Range: $-$$$

Franceska Gamez is a visual artist, born in Manila and raised in the Bay Area. You can find her creating large-scale public murals, fully immersive installations, and tiny palm-sized sculptures. Her work is characterized by an elegant blend of abstract and representational forms in which she tells stories, illuminating emotions that envelope them. Her practice in the arts has led to dynamic bouts in carpentry, writing, curation, art conservation, and project management. Her mural work can be seen throughout California, the East Coast, as well as overseas in Europe and Southeast Asia. She is co-owner of 1810 Gallery, member of Trust Your Struggle Collective, and M5Arts.


Sourmouth Sweetheart

By Entrepinay: ClarizeYale
Price Range: $3 – 40

Sourmouth Sweetheart creates illustrative portraits in the form of stickers and prints that help represent brown women (and more!). Beautiful, fun, and funky have been words used to describe my work. I also offer commissions if you are looking to give a thoughtful and personal gift to a friend or loved one while supporting a freelance artist.

Sourmouth Sweetheart is also the artist who designed the beautiful “Kayanatin” image that is the header of this blog!

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Damsel in Defense, Jade Bloom, Hello Pink, and Mary Kay

By Entrepinay: Charis Ramirez
Price Range: $5 and above

To empower women and give a sense of hope despite this current situation and with each and every passing day. Kindly needing your love and support with raising awareness for an ultra rare genetic condition known as Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva or FOP. To date, I’m the only known Pinay diagnosed with this malady.

Shop here: (For Marykay orders please send me a message)

Lacson Ravello

By Entrepinay: Kristina Lacson McConnico
Price Range: $95 – 170

Effortless style designed for real women and their busy lives.Laid-back yet polished. Small batches sustainably made in Oakland, California.

Please follow me at Instagram:


Hip Hip Handmade

By Entrepinay: Shilyn Montgomery
Price Range: $40 – 100

Hip Hip Handmade offers a sustainable ready to wear collection called Hip Hip REmade, which uses vintage materials, scraps, and upcycling methods to create new clothing!

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NARRA Studio

By Entrepinay: Katte Geneta
Price Range: $-$$$

Our featured collection of traditional clothing and accessories highlights patterns of strength and protection. NARRA works directly with artisans throughout the Philippines to offer a curated collection of heritage clothing, accessories, jewelry, and other handmade objects. We strive to bridge indigenous cultural communities with kapwa worldwide, connecting our heritage.

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By Entrepinay: Annalisa Yapo Belliss
Price Range: $10 – 90

Our mission at PILIPINX AKO is to create modern statement pieces of jewelry and clothing that help Pilipinx to reclaim and celebrate our unique kultura // culture. We hope our designs will inspire our diverse diaspora to reconnect to our heritage and allow for conversation and education about our shared history. 

“PILIPINX AKO” translates to “I’m Pilipinx” in Tagalog. We welcome all self-identified Pilipina/o/x –whether you are full, half, hapa, mestiza, mixed or part Pilipinx– to embrace and reclaim our kultura with style through our everyday wear. Our designs are also for allies who educate themselves about the meanings and history behind our designs.

PILIPINX AKO is a Woman-owned, Woman of Color business born, raised & operating out of the Bay Area. Your purchase not only uplifts this business, but also the local businesses and Philippine artisans (woven materials) from which we source our materials from. Maraming salamat // thank you so much for your support.

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Cambio & Co.

By Entrepinay: Gelaine Santiago
Price Range: $10 – 150

Cambio & Co. is an ethical retailer specialized in contemporary, conscious fashion made with Filipino soul. Every piece is designed and handcrafted in the Philippines by talented Filipino artisans to celebrate Filipino craftsmanship, heritage, and culture. With the lockdown in Luzon, our partners and their artisans have been hit hard financially. We hope that sales from Cambio & Co. can provide much needed financial resources to ensure our partners can continue supporting the livelihood of the artisans.

5% of every sale will be donated towards relief efforts for vulnerable families impacted by COVID-19 in Philippines.

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Rina Bloom

By Entrepinay: Kathrina
Price Range: $12/pin + shipping

I sell enamel pins designed for the chronic illness community.

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With Love & Petals

By Entrepinay: Medjoy
Price Range: N/A

I am all about about creating custom handmade paper flowers. I specialize in making book flowers but what makes my business stand out is that the heart of my materials hold a sentimental value. I don’t just use books, but I can make flowers using sheet music and personal love letters. Just as each of my products are built with love, the materials my clients choose to use hold a significant place in their hearts and every flower makes a beautiful memory.

Currently, I only ship within the US. 


Black Thistle Co.

By Entrepinay: Trixy Woodhouse
Price Range: $10.50 – 20

In light of the darkness happening around us right now, I want to add more smiles and brightness to people’s days by offering my services of personalized notes handwritten in calligraphy to send to loved ones. Brighten someone’s day with pretty snail mail!



Nadia De Ala Coaching

By Entrepinay: Nadia De Ala
Price Range: FREE

Leadership & Negotiation Coaching for WOCs in Tech. Offering a free facebook group “Real You Leadership: Shifting to thrive as WOCs in Tech” that was created to provide webinars, trainings and resources for WOCs to level up their leadership in tech.


Thriver Lifestyle

By Entrepinay: Marian Bacol-Uba
Price Range: $197

I’m offering an exclusive coaching special that I have never done before but I know is needed at this time. My coaching packages are a 3 month commitment but I am now offering single sessions to help women entrepreneurs, speakers and coaches:
– gain clarity on next steps and how to pivot your business, specially if you have a business reliant on in-person interactions
– finding new revenue streams to adjust to the current climate
– how to market your products and services using social media
– taking your public speaking online and creating digital products
– pitching to podcasts and media
– tactical steps for your brand and business during COVID-19


Tracy Cruz Vocal Studio

By EntrepinayTracy Cruz
Price Range: $55 for 30 minutes, $82.50 for 45 minutes, $110 for 60 minutes. $20 off if you buy a 5 pack, $40 off if you purchase a 10 pack.

Learn from a multi-award winning music artist! Tracy Cruz Vocal Studio is offering vocal lessons, songwriting lessons, performance courses, and music career consultations. Online lessons are possible through Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Zoom. All levels, ages, and styles are welcome. 10% first lesson. Discount packages and payment plans available!

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DCPG Photography + Design

By Entrepinay: Ciesther dela Cruz
Price Range: $125 and up

For social distancing and safety purposes, we’ve culled down our services. Out-of-state clients can utilize our photo retouching/editing and product photography (products will be mailed to us). For local clients in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, we offer real estate photography, headshots, product photography, and photo retouching/editing.


StarMars Tech, Inc.

By Entrepinay: Marion Balandra
Entrepinays Discount: 10% off 1st year contract!

As the Philippines becomes the #1 provider of Business Process Outsourcing, demand grows and the talent supply is slowly depleting. We found the opportunity to provide training and career development opportunities to impoverished communities in the Philippines with focus on Women and Children.

We hope to improve the thriving BPO industry in a country where the English literacy rate is 97% and the average unemployment rate is 8.24% where undergraduates make up for  ¾ of that statistic.  Through Meridian Outsourcing, we are providing a sustainable resource of talent that is in turn helping build communities and improve lives.

In support of the Youth Global Movement, we found a solution to the growing global economic inequalities, that would inspire the Leading companies of the world to support our vision through outsourcing.


Jeannie Celestial, PhD 

By Entrepinay: Jeannie Celestial
Price Range: Variable

I’m offering wellness coaching related to regulating emotions, relationships & communication, thinking and memory (cognitive strategies to improve productivity for work and/or school), decolonization & loving one’s authentic self.

Solomon Ward Seidenwurm & Smith, LLP

By Entrepinay: Darlene Rabena
Price Range: Initial consultations are free!

I am a corporate transaction attorney practicing out of San Diego. I may not have the answers to everything, but if I’m able to assist you, I would love to be a potential resource for you during this trying time.


Orchid Bioscience, Inc.

By Entrepinay: Liezl Puzon
Price Range: $45 – 90

Consult with a board-certified emergency medicine doctor at home. Avoid waiting in an overburdened emergency department where you risk exposure. Get evaluated over a video call for COVID-19, or anything else you need medical advice to manage.

Thank you for supporting Entrepinay businesses during this tough time. Stay healthy y’all!